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Late at night the little creatures sneak into the brewery and make special beers …. They make them once and get bored.. Then move onto a new idea …

These are one off limited edition beers.

Animal & MoogBrew - Bastard Bunny Brew Ha Ha 7.2%  IPA

A true American style double IPA thumping in at a hefty 7.2%  – very generously hopped  with truckloads of American greenery – Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and Summit on pale malts.

The Bunny is a collaboration brew with MoogBrew – a trendy little brewery in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. It was a chance meeting with MoogBrew at a beer festival. They said they had made a beer called Bastard Bunny… we immediately suggested a joint-brew under our Animal brand. Only Bigger. With Lots More Hops. The Bastard Bunny character is originally featured in the NME magazine - the guys from Moog are mates with Dave Anderson who created the character. (Click the XT Blog Icon above for more info)


Animal Brewing Co - Elk 4.6%  Vienna Amber Ale

Brewed using only Vienna and Rye malts with Czech Saaz and German Mittlefruh Hops. This is based on a classic German Vienna beer recipe but with a little bit of an Animal style twist.



Animal Brewing Co - Toucan 4.6%  Amber

New Zealand Wakatu and Pacific Gem hops meet on a raft of amber malts resulting in a wonderfully drinkable ale.


Animal Brewing Co - Buzz 4.6%  Spring Pale Ale

A spring ale - fruity fresh English hops with clean pale Marris Otter malts.

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