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Animal Brewing Co - Elephant - 4.2% Black Saison

Collaboration brew with Elephant School Brewing Co / Brentwood Brewery

A Black Saison with Wakatu and Pacific Gem Hops. Special Belgian Saison yeast gives dry and fruity flavours on a rich dark roast malt base

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Late at night the little creatures sneak into the brewery and make special beers …. They make them once and get bored.. Then move onto a new idea …

These are one off limited edition beers.

Animal Brewing Co - Oink - 4.6% Red Rye Amarillo

Root about in rye malts and snuffle into the added treat of tasty Amarillo hops. Oink Oink!


Animal Brewing Co - Rabbit - 4.6% Motueka IPA

Set your nose twitching to hoppy aromas of Motueka and nibble on the crisp clean delights of pale malted English barley


Animal Brewing Co - Mioung - 4.6% Rakau Amber Roast

Meow! A crafty feline of a beer - roasty malts nuzzle up with Galaxy and Rakau Hops from lands down under.


Animal Brewing Co - Eek!- 7.2% Big and Strong

Scare yourself. A big brown beery monster.


Animal Brewing Co - MOO!  4.6% MILK STOUT

Crashing out of the barn - it’s big and it’s black . A Milk Stout to warm you through in the winter.


Animal Brewing Co - Roar - 4.6% Antipodean Pale

A pale antipodean ale with mix of English and European Malts hiding behind the sofa - but ratting the windows with a loud hop roar !


Animal Brewing Co - WOOF - 4.6% Amber Rye Ale

A leg humping, barking mad bundle of hoppy, roasty rye ale.

Sold Out

Animal Brewing Co - BLEET! - 4.6% Golden Ale

A pale flocking ale made with a woolly great load of Ozzy Hops.


Animal Brewing Co - Doodle Doo - 4.6% Mucha IPA

Hops Nouveau and Czech Malts combine to give a fresh pale ale.

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Animal Brewing Co - HOOT! - 4.6% Coffee Amber

A unique coffee malt and English Hops in this dark creature of the night.

Sold Out

Animal Brewing Co - HOWL - 4.6% Oat Malt Pale Ale

A wild oat pale ale packed with New Zealand hops.


Animal Brewing Co - Elephant Wheat - 4.2% Orange Wheat

A Collaboration beer made with the Brentwood / Elephant School Brewery. A wheat beer brewed with Orange and Elderflowers


Animal Brewing Co - SQUUEK! - 4.6% Waimea Amber

An amber ale made with aromatic malts from Bamberg and Waimea hops from New Zealand


Animal Brewing Co - HISS- 4.6% Belgian Amber

Brewed with Speciality Belgian malts - giving a traditional rich base to this beer but with a contemporary hop finish.

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Animal Brewing Co - MOLE - 4.6% Californian IPA

A pale ale made with an American West Coast Ale Yeast. Crisp pale malts and lots of new world hops

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Animal Brewing Co - Zebra- 4.6% Brit Hop Pale Ale

Brewed with all British Ingredients - English Hops: Admiral, Endeavour and Challenger on English Pale Malts.

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Animal Brewing Co - Chameleon 4.6% Brit Hop Amber

A malty amber ale brewed with all British Hops


Animal Brewing Co - Snap- 4.6%  Oat and Wheat  Pale

Brewed with Wheat Malt and Oats topped off with New World Hops.


Animal Brewing Co - GOBBLE!- 4.6%  Cacao Stout

A real Christmas treat - a rich dark stout brewed with roasted cacao nibs and a hint of orange.


Animal Brewing Co - Aghhh (Spider)!- 4.6%  Abbey Ale

A Pale-Amber, Abbey Style Ale, with Goldings and Saaz hops on rye and wheat malts. With a natural wheat haze.


Animal Brewing Co - Simples 4.6%  Golden Barley

A golden ale made with flaked barley and a mix of North American and New Zealand hops - a soft and fruity refreshing beer


Animal Brewing Co - Croak 4.6%  Roast Amber

A rich roast Rye Amber ale brewed with Cascade and Columbus American Hops. Citrus and pine flavours balanced with toasty, slightly soured caramel malts.


Animal & MoogBrew - Bastard Bunny Brew Ha Ha 7.2%  IPA

A true American style double IPA thumping in at a hefty 7.2%  – very generously hopped  with truckloads of American greenery – Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and Summit on pale malts.

The Bunny is a collaboration brew with MoogBrew – a trendy little brewery in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. It was a chance meeting with MoogBrew at a beer festival. They said they had made a beer called Bastard Bunny… we immediately suggested a joint-brew under our Animal brand. Only Bigger. With Lots More Hops. The Bastard Bunny character is originally featured in the NME magazine - the guys from Moog are mates with Dave Anderson who created the character. (Click the XT Blog Icon above for more info)

Available - last few

Animal Brewing Co - Big Bang 4.6%  Dark Roast Rye

Exploding out of the eternal darkness of roasted rye - a dark amber ale with coffee-toast flavours, and slowly evolving into an Anglo-American hop finish

 Sold Out

Animal Brewing Co - Woosh 4.6%  Amber

An amber beer layered with light biscuity Vienna malts and a rich fruity filling of new world of hops


Sold Out

Animal Brewing Co - Buzz 4.6%  Spring Pale Ale

A spring ale - fruity fresh English hops with clean pale Marris Otter malts.