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Animal Cask Beers

Late at night the little creatures sneak into the brewery and make special beers …. They make them once and get bored.. Then move onto a new idea …

These are one off limited edition beers.

Animal Brewing Co - LION London Porter 4.6%  

We have crafted a London classic: brewed with a traditional recipe and re-engineered London Water. This is an easy drinking beer with a rich, dark character matched with a toasty aroma and a hint of sweet earthy notes. A time honoured, full bodied London Porter.

Available Seasonally

Animal Brewing Co - HOP-KITTY - 3.9% Hyper Hop Pale

A Low on ABV pale ale, huge on Hops.  Packed with more Citra and Cascade than ever before. HopKitty is bursting with intense tropical and citrus flavours.  Lightly toasted malts give a hint of sweetness before a second round of hops, big Mango and Lychee zest courtesy of a generous Citra third round of dry hopping.  Just like every crazy cat person, you won't be stopping with one.

[Formerly Hop-Cat IPA - renamed following a Trade Mark Dispute with an American bar company]

Animal Brewing Co - Newt - 4.6%  Single Hop Pale

                A pale single hop beer - using just American Columbus hops from the Pacific North West..

Animal Brewing Co - Polar Bear - 4.6% Milk Stout

Lactose sugars in your stout it’s like cream in your coffee. Dark and delicious.

Available Seasonally

Animal Brewing Co - Tree Frog –   4.6%  Very Pale Ale

                Brewed with Lager malt, packed with Cascade and dry hopped with Motueka.  This beer is all about the hops.  A very pale, clean malt bill adds subtle flavour allowing the tropical, citrus and floral notes of Motueka and Cascade to take centre stage.

Definitely one for the hop lover.  


Animal Brewing Co - Snow Owl - 4.6%   Winter Ale [BOTTLE]

A clean Winter Pale Ale stuffed with Simcoe, Rakau and Wakatu.  Flavours of fig, passion fruit, citrus and fresh pine all dance on your pallet on a bed of crisp pale malt.  A little winter warmth and spice creeps into the background as you drink to keep you toasty during the icy season

Animal Brewing Co - Emu   4.6%  Southern Amber

                Brewed using some international and English malts; Maris Otter, Special B and wheat for a chewy base and new world hops; Green Bullet, Dr Rudi, Waimea and Pacific Gem.


Animal Brewing Co - Armadillo –   4.6%  Amarillo Pale Ale

        As the name suggests this beer is all about one thing, Amarillo.  Brewed a touch of rye and oats for hints of sweetness and biscuit and packed with a truck load of Amarillo.  Full of floral, orange and citrus notes you won’t be stopping after just one. 



Animal Brewing Co - Yak   4.6%  Breakfast IPA

                Breakfast IPA with a nice blend of classic Maris Otter, Oats, Vienna and Melanoidan and some American greenery: Amarillo, Azzacca and Mosaic. The recipe will then be rounded off with lactose to give that breakfast twist.


Animal Brewing Co - Oink –   4.6%  Yakima Amber Ale

                Chinese New Year .. Its the Year of the Pig

Crystal Rye, Cara Aroma and Cara Red give hints of biscuit and caramel. But dont let the red colour fool you, abundant Chionook, Bravo, Cascade and Summit hops piled in - give lots of citrus and grapefruit hop bite. Then even more Chinook hops are added for a hoppy farewell

Animal Brewing Co - Platypus   4.6%  Southern Pale



Animal Brewing Co - Wasp –   4.6%  Golden IPA




Animal Brewing Co - Mioung   4.6%  Wild Cat Amber