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Late at night the little creatures sneak into the brewery and make special beers …. They make them once and get bored.. Then move onto a new idea …

These are one off limited edition beers.

Animal & MoogBrew - Bastard Bunny Brew Ha Ha 7.2%  IPA

A true American style double IPA thumping in at a hefty 7.2%  – very generously hopped  with truckloads of American greenery – Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and Summit on pale malts.

The Bunny is a collaboration brew with MoogBrew – a trendy little brewery in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. It was a chance meeting with MoogBrew at a beer festival. They said they had made a beer called Bastard Bunny… we immediately suggested a joint-brew under our Animal brand. Only Bigger. With Lots More Hops. The Bastard Bunny character is originally featured in the NME magazine - the guys from Moog are mates with Dave Anderson who created the character. (Click the XT Blog Icon above for more info)

Available in Keg and Bottle only

Animal Brewing Co - Squirrel  4.6%  Belgo-American

A Belgian-American Style Amber Ale - brewed with American Chinook and Columbus hops giving citrus, pine and grapefruit flavours - blended with a Belgian Malt base adding raisin and plum notes.

Animal Brewing Co - Snarl! 4.6%  Red-Ale

A red ale - strong malty character with earthy ‘noble’ hops to give a rich beery taste.

Animal Brewing Co - K-9 4.6%  Amarillo Single Hop

The first ever single hop Animal beer - this is a Pale Ale brewed with multiple additions of the American Amarillo hop variety. Expect spicy and citrus- flavours with an orange bouquet.