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Late at night the little creatures sneak into the brewery and make special beers …. They make them once and get bored.. Then move onto a new idea …

These are one off limited edition beers.

Animal Brewing Co - Oink - 4.6% Red Rye Amarillo

Root about in rye malts and snuffle into the added treat of tasty Yakima Valley hops. Oink Oink!

Available in Bottle

Animal Brewing Co - Rabbit - 5% Motueka IPA

Set your nose twitching to hoppy aromas of Motueka and nibble on the crisp clean delights of pale malted English barley. Umbongo Beer!

Available in Bottle

Animal Brewing Co - Pukeko - Espresso Pale Ale 4.6%

Joining forces with premium coffee micro-roastery in the historic Jericho neighbourhood of Oxford – Jericho Coffee Traders and aided by the extensive coffee know-how of James and Lizzie, XT have created a coffee infused pale ale: Animal ‘Pukeko’ named for their little delivery truck and New Zealand heritage. A unique flavour hit of coffee and topped off with a dash of New Zealand hops.

Animal Brewing Co - Donkey - Belgian Wit  4.8%

An Anglo/Italian WitBier – is made with the innovative Italian Brewery BBBirra – based on the Bosaland farm in Sardinia they make artisanal beers using locally sourced ingredients. Their head brewer Carl joined the team at XT and brought several of the speciality ingredients for the Wit beer. The pale cloudy wheat beer has a spiced edge and hints of orange from Sardinian orange peel. The beer is named for the 15 donkeys Carl has on his farm and who eat all his spent brewers grains.

XT & Brightside Brewing Co - North South Collide - Golden 4%

Working with the trendy Manchester brewers: Brightside Brewing Co; the brewers have banged their heads together and produced ‘North South Collide’ a 4% super pale hoppy beer brewed with very low colour crystal malts and Ella & Styrian Cardinal hops. XT and Brightside brewed together in Manchester for this first collaboration – the follow up beer will be made at XT in the summer.

Animal Brewing Co - Mad Cow 4.6%  Bohemian Amber

A crazy amber ale  -  brewed using bohemian malts and only bohemian hops – giving  herbal, earthy  notes with hints of orange.  

Animal Brewing Co - Osprey 4.6%  Belgian Pale

Belgian Style Pale Ale brewed with speciality Belgian malts and Bohemian Saaz and Dana Hops – giving a biscuit sweetness with a herbal and citrus finish.

Animal Brewing Co - Cluck 4.6%  Pacific Amber

Amber beer with a biscuit and slightly nutty malt base packed with hops found around the Pacific (colombus motueka) and dry hopped with Motueka.  It has a bouquet of Lemon-lime, floral and tropical flavours, that stay long after the biscuit notes depart.