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XT - TWO - 4.2% ABV  Golden

A refreshing golden ale made with English Pale and Munich Malts, combined with Bohemian and American hops to give a real international flavour.

XT - FOUR - 3.8% ABV  Mellow Amber

An amber beer with a special Belgian malt and a fruity mix of American and European hops. Very addictive, and our flagship beer.

Winner of the Best in Festival’ at: Aylesbury Beer Festival in October 2011, the Royal British Legion Winter Festival,  Hornton Festival and Littleworth Festival 2012.


XT - EIGHT - 4.5% ABV  Dark Roast

A smooth rich dark beer brewed with a careful blend of four malts along with a cocktail of hops to give a complex taste. Deep malty base with dark roasty chocolate flavours, very balanced beer.

Generally Available

Oak Casks

We also have some beers available in wooden casks. These are oak firkins made for us by the last master cooper in England. These are on a very limited supply.

Trade Tuesdays

We are open on a Tuesday morning for our trade customers to come and view the brewery and sample the beers

Beer Sales

Beers can be purchased by private or trade customers direct or through SIBA-DDS. We deliver to to pubs within a 20 mile radius of the brewery.

We brew a core range of beers  seasonal specials and ciders

Currently Available in Cask for Feb 2016


ANIMAL Brewing :  Big Foot

CRAFT-KEG:  Three, Four,

XT - NINE - 5.5% ABV  Black Ale

Nine Malts - this is a very special beer made for the drinker who wants something different. This is NOT a stout, it’s something else entirely. Big malt aroma on a bitter, balanced hop finish.

XT - THREE - 4.2% ABV  Indian Pale

An IPA style beer made with lots of Celeia, Columbus and Cluster Hops, on Vienna malts.

XT - ONE - 4.2% ABV  Blonde

Citrus and fruity hops flirt with reserved English barley and some very naughty Bohemian malts to make a characterful blonde ale that you'll want to meet again.

XT - FIVE - 5.5% ABV  American Amber

Big American sized portions of hops on a deep filled malty base.

XT - SIX - 4.5% ABV  Rich Ruby

Beautiful ruby red beer, malty and smooth with a cascade hop finish.

Autumn Winter Ale

XT - SEVEN - 4.5% ABV  Belgian Tawny

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