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How to Tap a 36pint Cask of Bright Beer

1) Place the 36pint (pin) cask on the floor vertically.

2) Set tap in the closed position (with spout removed).

3) Hold tap in keystone (rubber bung) hole with one hand, cone end downwards.

4) Using a rubber or wooden mallet - knock the tap through the keystone  so it breaks through the seal.

5) Knock tap just far enough so it holds firmly in place

6) Now place cask where you will be serving the beer. Use a cradle or two wood blocks to stop it rolling around.

7) Knock the plastic spile (peg) through the centre of the shive (top bung). Don’t drive it all the way in, just enough to break the seal - You need to be able to pull it out afterwards.

8) Fix the spout (optional) and turn the tap in line to serve, turn the tap across to close.

9) Release the spile (peg) to allow air in while serving. Keep the spile pressed in when not serving.


1) Keep the cask in a cool place away from heat or cold, ideally at 12degC.

2) Keep the spile (peg) pressed in the shive (bung) when not serving beer.

3) Ideally don’t move the cask once tapped (even for bright beer).

4) Have a cloth handy - especially when knocking in the spile peg.

5) Bright beer will last about 7 days unopened and about 3 days once tapped.

6) The instructions are for Bright Beer which is prepared ready to drink [for beer with sediment you will need to allow at least 24 hours for the beer to clear and take extra care when knocking in the spile]

7) If tapping a 72pint Firkin - set the firkin on the stand horizontally before knocking in the tap.