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We would be delighted to help you with all of your beer needs.

We have a wide range of cask, keg and bottled beers available – see current selection below.

Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, we deliver weekly across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Berkshire.

We also have regular runs to London, the Midlands, the South West (Bristol, Bath, Gloucester and Cheltenham) and a run down the A34 corridor to Southampton.

Further afield we work with a select number of distributors and other breweries and will try to help meet your requirements.

You can email  or call Mike on 01844 208 310 with your questions, requests for cask collections and of course beer orders.


Our selection of Cask Beers are freshly brewed, in stock  and available to order now.

XT3 West Coast IPA Beer

West Coast IPA 4.2%

An IPA style beer made with plenty of Cascade, Chinook and Columbus Hops, on Vienna malts.

XT4 - Session Amber Beer

Session Amber 3.8%

An amber beer with a special Belgian malt and a fruity mix of American and European hops. Very addictive; our flagship beer.

Porter 4.5%

A smooth rich dark beer brewed with four malts along with a cocktail of hops to give a complex taste. Deep malty base with dark roasty chocolate flavours.

Out of stock (XT10 available)

Citra Pale 3.9%

Low on ABV, huge on hops. Bursting with intense tropical and citrus flavours with toasted malt sweetness. Triple hopped. Just like every crazy cat person, you won’t be stopping with one.


Our brewer gets free rein to conjure up anything they like. Usually 4.6% but always something a bit different….


Pale Ale 4.6%
American pale ale using Bru-1, Comet, Chinook and Idaho 7 hops. Expect tropical fruit flavour and aroma (pineapple, grapefruit and stonefruit) with pine resin aroma.

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Brown Ale 4.6%
British hopped brown ale made with toasted malt and wheat. Bramling Cross, Challenger, Goldings and Endeavour hops should give subtle flavour and aroma of blackcurrant, berries with spicy and cedar notes.
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Golden IPA 4.6%
Hoppy pale Ale brewed with US Yakima Hops. Belma, Calypso and Nugget hops give a floral and fruity flavour, with hints of orange, melon, strawberry, pear and pineapple. Dry-hopped with Nugget for a spicy finish.
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Simcoe Mosaic Pale 4.6%
American Simcoe and Mosaic hops from the Pacific Northwest give a citrus, fruity and earthly flavour profile, with notes of berries rose and spice.

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Tropical Pale 4.6%
Calypso, Mosaic and Rakau hops give this pale ale a tropical finish. Expect crisp, fruity flavours with elements of apple, pear, stone fruit and citrus from the Calypso, combined with earthly, herbal and spicy flavours from the Mosaic and Rakau.
Last couple left...


French Hopped Golden 4.6%
Showcasing two less well known French hops, Barbe Rouge and Mistral. Barbe Rouge offers ripe red fruit flavours, including currant, strawberry and raspberry. Mistral complements this with sweet fruit, citrus and floral notes.
Last few available...


Amber 4.6%
A hoppy amber number, with Special W and Crystal Wheat malts giving caramel, nuts and pastries flavours, combined with Galena (the 'Wild American') Bramling Cross and Comet hops for citrus, grapefruit and blackcurrant notes.
Last few available...


Pale 4.6%
A pale ale brewed with all British malt and three British hops - Admiral, Emperor and Cascade. Expect citrus, orange zest and grapefruit, with subtle underpinnings of spice and herbs.

Available now.


Pale 4.6%
A pale ale brewed with three Styrian hops - Dragon, Eagle and Wolf. Expect floral citrus and tropical fuit, elderflower, red berries and caramel. You may even get a hint of violet...

Available now.


Specials and seasonal brews.

Autumn Ruby 4.6%
Strong bitterness and rich, red in colour, this complex ruby red ale is just the one for when the nights start getting colder.

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Stout 4.4%
A proper stout. Rich in oats, roasted and un-malted barley, light on hops and big on flavour.

Available Now

Citra Pale 4.5%
A pale ale with Citra, Citra and more Citra.
Expect smooth and floral citrus flavour and aroma.

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A series of heritage beers brewed to traditional recipes in collaboration with the Dead Brewers Society and Oak Taverns.

Hunt Edmunds Best 4.2%

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Hall's AK Pale Mild 4.2%

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Blatch's Pale Ale 3.7%

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Halls IPA 4.9%

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Wallingford 8d 4.3%

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Showell's TX Dinner Ale 5.1%

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Fields LX Pale 4.7%

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Panton's XPA 5%

Coming Soon.


Launched in May 2022 in 30 and 50l S-Type Steel and 12 x 440ml Can


Session Pale, 4.2%

The western diamondback is a species of rattlesnake, they are known for standing their ground and use their rattles as a warning to ‘stay away’.  There is no need to stay away from this Diamondback.  An American style session pale ale, packed with Chinook, Columbus and Cascade hops from the American North West.  Crisp, clean and refreshing with a lasting hoppy bite.


Available Now


American Pale Ale, 4.7%

The hop plant (H. Lupulus) is named after the ‘small wolf’.  There is nothing diminutive about our Timberwolf, with packs of American hops (Columbus, Chinook, Amarillo and Mosaic), double dry hopped with Citra just to be on the safe side. It’s a hazy, yellow golden, pale beer brewed to take you on a journey into a wonderfully hoppy new world.


Available Now


Premium Lager,  5%

Eisbar (ice bear or polar bear) is the undisputed
king of the north, strong, powerful and mighty, largest of the bears and a beast that takes years to reach maturity.  Our Eisbar lager is a similarly
big presence which takes time to develop.  A true craft lager brewed in the German ‘Helles’ style, with a minimum of four Sundays in tank and brewed according to the Reinhartsgebott (German purity laws), with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Available Now

Squid Ink

Black IPA, 5.5%

Dive into the dark, stormy flavours of Squid Ink; this bold beast of a black beer will whet your appetite with its complex blend of hops (Columbus, Summit, Pacific Gem & Chinook) and tsunami of nine malts.

Available Now


IPA, 5.9%

The Badlands bighorn is an extinct subspecies of bighorn sheep of the northern Great Plains in North America, named after the Badlands terrain of dry, steep ridges which form some of the most recognisable landscapes of the USA.  We have brought this creature back to life with our classic American Badlands Bighorn DIPA. Full of Cascade, Chinook and Simcoe to give a real taste of the wild west

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Red Rye, 4.8%

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